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Gas stove


Gas stove: Cooking with gas has a long history, long before electric appliances made their mark. Gas continues to make a mark in the kitchen; offering flexibility, power and control when cultivating culinary masterpieces. It is popular with the Southeast Asian countries. 

Combustion is more sufficient

Black crystal tempered glass panel fashionable and simple

Mike pot design is more humanity


Style 3 burner gas stove
Panel Red tempered glass worktop
Gas power 3.0kW×2,1.5kW
Product size 710×360×80mm
Gas burner style Copper burner cap
Pan support enamel


Fast ignition system

Only need to press or hold the control: convenient rotary switch controls to switch burners on. 

Elegant Gas on Glass

The design of red toughened glass panel is fashionable and simple, with good thermal stability and scratch resistance.

small milk pot design, more humanity

You can go from stir-frying at extremely high temperatures to simmering the most delicate sauces with a quick turn of the knob. Small milk pot design, more humanity, can meet the needs of hot milk and warm wine in the family.  

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