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Gas cooktop


Gas cooktop: If you enjoy cooking to perfection, you will love cooking with gas. Aotian gas cooktop deliver the powerful. Available in an assortment of designs and sizes, LP and Natural Gas, these easy-to -clean cooktops provide immediate responsiveness, whatever your cooking requires.

The proper allocation of different firepower allows you to cook more easily 

Classic stainless steel design, scratch resistance

Aotian gas cooktops-offer maximum design and installation flexibility


Style 4 burner gas cooktop
Panel Class stainless steel
Control way Side control panel
Heating power 3.0kW, 2×1.75kW, 1kW
Safety device Yes
Pan support Enamel / Cast iron
Ignition voltage battery / AC ignition
Valve adjustable
Gas type NG/LPG
Knob Adjustable
Packing size 580*500 mm


Flush-Mounted Installation

Aotian gas cooktops-offer maximum design and installation flexibility.With this attractive installation method, the cooktop and countetop form a continous design-which is perfectly level and creates a seamless look.

Classic Stainless Steel Design

Stainless steel knob controls, tighter on the center or side, match the design of the stainless steel frame and body of the cooktop. Raised cast iron grates allow you to lift pots and pans smoothly from one burner to another. And these durable, enameled grates lift easily, making after-dinner cleanup as effortless as cooking your favorite recipe.

Gas cooktop: Natural gas or liquid propane 

For felxibility, all of Aotian’s gas cooktops come with the option of either liquid propane or natural gas.

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