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Gas stove


The perfect combination of gas and electric, brings you diverse cooking experience! Aotian collection of  cooktops are both versatile and diverse-simple choose the right style for kitchen decor.

Grilled fish Hot-plate design

Aotian cooktops with flexible cooking zones

Aotian’s cooktops blend easy-to-use temperature controls with unmatched versatility.


Product size 720×380×75mm
Gas power L3.0kW R2.8kW
Gas burner style .L:Copper burner cap,R:Infrared burner
Pan support enamel
Panel Black tempered glass worktop


The perfect combination of gas and electric

You can go gas stove from stir-frying at extremely high temperatures to simmering the most delicate sauces with a quick turn of the knob. You also can feel the highly efficient infrared hot plate heat food twice as rapidly as cooking with gas or electric-all while conserving energy. 

Copper burner environmental protection and energy saving

Copper burner is durable with beautiful metal texture

Elegant Gas on Glass

Black crystal tempered glass panel fashionable and simple design, thermostability, scratch resistance.

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