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Gas Stove


Gas cooktop: If you enjoy cooking to perfection, you will love cooking with gas. Aotian gas cooktop deliver the powerful. Available in an assortment of designs and sizes, LP and Natural Gas, these easy-to -clean cooktops provide immediate responsiveness, whatever your cooking requires.

Small size, more space saving

Black crystal tempered glass panel fashional and simple

Aotian gas cooktops-offer maximum design and installation flexibility


Product size 720×380×75mm
Gas power 3.2kW,2.8kW
Gas burner style Infrared burner
Pan support enamel
Panel Black tempered glass worktop
Weight 7.1kg


Small size, more space saving

Big and small, the two firepower design, allows you to cook more easily. So you can saute at extremely high temperatures, or choose small burner to boil your milk.

Elegant Gas on Glass

Toughened glass is strong and durable, it will not scratch, keep beautiful, clean, convenient and fast, release your hands, aotin creates a happy kitchen

Intimate switch design

The close switch design prevents the children in the home from playing carelessly

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