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Integrated Cooker


Integrated cooker, also known as integrated environmental stove in the industry, is an open kitchen solution that integrates steaming oven, range hood and stove. Aotian has the invention patent of "steamed and baked" integrated stove, which has opened up a new era of fourth generation integrated stove and promoted the development of multi-functional integration in the industry.

Tornado type smoke collection, take you no smoke kitchen!

Upgraded version K-shape smoke evacuation system, increases 15% exhaust volume

Original design for smart magic cube, it is easy to disassemble and clean


Dimension(mm) 900x600x1310
Mode Side suction
Airflow ≥15m³/min
Outlet Φ180x1300
Burner output 3.5kw×2
Cabinet Disinfection and storage
Pan support material Cast iorn
Disinfection method Ultraviolet ray and ozone
Stainless steel bowl support frames
Package dimension(mm) 980x695x1170
20FT/40GP/40HQ 30PCS/65PCS/76PCS
Net Weight 90KG



Electric lifting adopts electromagnetism synchronous gearless traction technology, which improved wind turbines' working effeciency, and the sealed doors are seamless docking which can avoid peculiar smell and fume returning.


Electronic temperature sensor device adopts bi-sensor joint control design, which is concealed installed in the entrance of oil collector, when the open fires pass into the flue, flue temperature rises rapidly, and  the temperature sensor device senses the strong temperature changes, then through the system to cut off the power supply and gas supply.

Tornado type smoke collection, take you no smoke kitchen!

Side suction and down drainage brings you smokeless kitchen. The motor is built in smoke collection chamber, and and it will form negative pressure buffer, which will make the wind pressure more powerful, what’s more, it can reduce noisy effectively. The smoke collection way adopts tornado type, which is upper big and down small, concentration of smoke.

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