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Range: Aotian has  30" ranges, which get ETL certification to fit USA market. It is the perfect combination of cooktop and oven. Balance requires flawless symmetry... Aligning perfectly in terms of design, functionality and user interface.

3D heated air circulation, heat uniformity

Circulating fan cooling system automatically

360° automatic rotate roasting, simulate baking master professional skills


Oven Features
Product size: W×D×H=30'×24'×35' Usable capacity: 120 litres  (4.2 cu.ft)
Touch switch, Eight functions. With automatic cut-off timer.
The temperature is adjustable. Oven circulation system
Cavity cooling system Auto roast system
5 grill positions 1 oven lights 
Cool-touch front door  
Hob Features
Ceramic glass cooktop One 180mm diameter 1800W zone
Two 140mm diameter 1200W zone One 180/120mm diameter 1700/700W double zone
Power adjustable Overheat self protection
Residual heat indicators


Digital technology ,Intelligent Life

Touch switch,eight functions.Multi-function oven with digital programmer to completely control cooking cycle, digital timer can be set cooking time,oven with cavity cooling system, furnace circulation system, automatic baking system.Don't worry about temperature, time or pattern, let you bake like a chef.Toughened grass heat insulation avoid your hand be scalded.Adjustable feet make home decoration unrestricted, free and flexible.

Dry power enamel inner tank and extra-large cooking space

Whole enamel tank without any seam,it is protect from corrosion,much heat-resistant and nontoxic.easy to clean.The Oven has a oven circulation system, so that the temperature in every part of the Oven is uniform and consistent.120L are available,place 5 layers of baking pans.Not only cakes but turkey also, easy roasting.

Pay attention to details, give you ingenious and intimate care

All zone with overheating self protection,have residual heat Indicators reminder,clean surface.Electric ceramic furnace adopts far infrared technology, without the low-frequency electromagnetic wave radiation of induction furnace.One 180mm diameter 1800W zone,two 140mm diameter 1200W zone,one 180/120mm diameter 1700/700W double zone,power adjustable,meet your culinary needs.

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