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Gas stove


Gas stove: Cooking with gas has a long history, long before electric appliances made their mark. Gas continues to make a mark in the kitchen; offering flexibility, power and control when cultivating culinary masterpieces. It is popular with the Southeast Asian countries. 

Combustion is more sufficient

Black crystal tempered glass panel fashionably and simple

Primary energy efficiency


Cooktop Materimal Tempered Glass
Installation Built In
Ignition Power DC1.5V
Rated Power(kW ) 4.8×2
Gas Type NG/LPG
Pan Support Steel Bar/Enamel
Knob Metal
Safety-device Optional Yes
Product Size(mm) 760×450
Built-in Size(mm) 680×380
Packing Size(mm) 805×495×200
Loading Quantity 20GP/40GP/40HQ 340/700/840


4.8 kW fine control of direct-fire

Fast stir-fry 

Let’s not wait the delicacy long

Integrated forming and efficient burner

Full air intake  burning is more adequate

Luxury black crystal tempered glass panel

High temperature resistant

Scratch resistant

Easy to clean

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