Apr 15 2019


AWE, the world's top home appliance exhibition, was held on March 17. AWE exhibition represents the technology trend and consumption trend of global home appliance and consumer electronics industry. News network broadcast and many overseas media made in-depth reports on the AWE exhibition.

The AWE exhibition, the field intelligent masters series steaming roast one integrated kitchen products, electricity, gas water heater, integrated kitchen sink dishwasher, sink dishwasher dazzle colour series more shining new AWE site category, such as leading the integration industry development, open to the forum guests show high efficiency integrated products and the charm of the kitchen.

As AWE's home electricity exhibition regulars, Aotian brings surprise to the attendees every time.The Olympic field exhibition hall design is unique, layout do show style, warm and cold colors and lighting collocation echo technology and humanities design fusion, kitchen and emotional collision.With the upgrading of consumption, the kitchen bears more and more demands of consumers.The demand of consumers for kitchen appliances has changed from a single product to an integrated and intelligent kitchen.Aotin is to grasp the changes in consumer demand, put forward a comprehensive kitchen solution, so that consumers feel more convenient when cooking, more relaxed.Aotin intelligent kitchen solutions by the participants of the affirmation and recognition, have stopped to visit understanding.On March 16, Aotin played AWE food festival with well-known food writer and chief content executive Amanda of man food culture.As a popular foodie, Amanda has a wide fan base on youtube, weibo, bilibili and other social platforms. As the chief content officer of man food culture in the industry anda veteran food blogger, Amanda has a large number of fans who have requirements for fashion and quality of life. These fans coincide with Aotin's brand tone.

In recent years, the field is constantly doing brand upgrading, product upgrading, with main user perspective to cater to the modern consumer crowd, the cooperate with trend of bloggers is the field of communication and exchanges with the user a way to let users really love food, you can experience the field steaming roast one integrated kitchen powerful products, make more delicious food.Through this food festival activities, okuda brings not only a pure food feast, but also a deep experience of modern quality open kitchen.

With AWE as the platform, food as the medium and live broadcast as the interaction, Aotin delivers the modern open kitchen fashionable avant-garde charm to consumers.Kitchen science and technology, modern aesthetics, delicate dishes, popular new products, at the same time collision together on the day, rub out the sparks of the kitchen upgrade, show a way of life, a quality of life.

In the future, aotian will continue to provide consumers with more comprehensive open kitchen solutions, enhance the consumer experience through multi-functional, intelligent, integrated products, so that more people feel the charm of food and technology.

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