AOTIAN Spring Rain Plan

May 09 2019


Commercial world is like battlefield. It is the battle without gun powder.Aotian has been ready to go to Suzhou and An’hui province to carry out shopping guide training! What will be the most powerful weapons in the 21 st century? People and technology! In the ethos of the internet+, if we master mobile internet and train every staff well, Aotian can go anywhere and achieve anything!

Fig.1“Spring Rain” trainees photograph

There are all directions of smoke of gunpowder, April is the decisive moment of a decisive battle!The trainees concentrate on their studies with their teacher's guidance to fully arm themselves, and form a good interactive atmosphere!

 It is this positive atmosphere which make Aotian excellent results! Aotian will never stop! There is always a future goal tolet us rejoice!

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