Recommendation for High Quality Integrated Cooker

Nov 12 2020


On November 11, 2020,the Double Eleven festival is on fire.Aotin brand keeps great sales volume all the time, and remains good reputation in the industry and consumer groups.Why recommend Aotin integrated cooker? There are following reasons:

Advanced patent invention, Excellent performance

Aotin has its own R & D and production department for constantly improving quality and innovation. In the field of integrated cooker, Aotin has the patent of "steaming and baking" integrated cooker invention, which can truly maximize the integration function and realize the multi-purpose of one machine, which not only saves space, but also brings a variety of new experiences.

Attentive detailed design brings the comfortable experience

Many consumers have been elsewhere staying on the sidelines, because they’ll think how to clean the integrated cooker and worry about it. Aotin integrated cooker surface adopts black crystal tempered glass material, which is very easy to clean, you don’t need to worry about any cleaning problem. Internal self-cleaning system will realize ONE-KEY automatically cleaning to ensure internal clean and the permanent operation of kernel power, which is different from the troublesome cleaning of traditional kitchen appliances needed dissembling.

Environmental protection and energy saving, your healthy choice

At present, each Aotin integrated cooker adopts 100% copper sealed biaxial motor on the market, whose high airflow is more favorable to the net absorption of oil fume, effectively to prevent its diffusion. The noise conforms to the relevant national standards, which keeps you away from the fume and noise pollution, brings you more healthy kitchen life.

High cost-efficient and affordable features

Aotin integrated cooker is committed to achieving the best performance compared to same line brand. We can buy three sets of traditional kitchen utensils ( range hood, cooker and cabinet), but we can also purchase the Aotin brand multifunctional integrated cooker. Let’s expect the more promotions during Double Eleven.

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