A8& ZKM5(S)won the 2020 "GCD"

Dec 30 2020


Recently,aotian two integrated cooker products, A8 and ZKM5(S) with the "Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2020".

Recently,aotian two integrated cooker products, A8 and ZKM5(S) with the "Contemporary Good Design Award WINNER 2020".

Industry high-end, appearance level peak-A8

A8 adopts a minimalist design style, with a full-mirror ultra-thin intelligent head made of automotive grade metal baking paint. Paired with stainless steel fingerless table, it conforms to the simple design concept of modern kitchen. At the same time, it integrates cigarette machine, stove and steam box, showing its integration ability.

Kitchen fashion, steam bake 2.0-ZKM5(S)

In June 2020, ZKM5(S) was officially released and put on the market, opening the era of integrated steaming and baking oven 2.0.
High technology seamless arc design, mobile phone - type ultra-thin seamless integration process.
The industry's first backplane without screw design, 360 degrees of visibility, no need to rely on the wall can also be perfect display.
The design of the temperature and ironing reminder function of the table and the constant temperature counter. The induction label will change with the change of temperature. The higher the temperature, the redder the induction label, so as to remind people not to be scalded.Separate and control the constant temperature storage table, to truly realize the heat preservation of two things;ZKM5S, gas-electric three-eye cooker, 800W induction cooker is specially designed for daily small fire soup making.

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