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For heavy oil and stir-fry of kitchen, Aotian sink dishwasher offers the ultimate in convenience and seamless design integration, and the perfect combination of sink and dishwasher shows the wisdom of life.

Intelligent technology

High quality

Humanized design


Model X2/X2S
Product dimension L880× W500×H(dishwasher)580×H(sink)211
Rated power of complete machine 1850W
N.W. 24kg
Normal working water pressure 0.02-1MPa
Water consumption Dish cleaning 8.5L
Dishwashing temperature 70℃
Rinsing mode Spray rinsing
Heating mode Heating disk


Liberate hands away from oil pollution

Integrated three-in-one Aotian sink dishwasher

Humanized and considerate design

Simple and easy-to-operate Waterproof touch-screen, the design of the Hatchback panel neednt bent down.Release hands and care for the waist and back

Aotian sink dishwasher cleans free of dead angle

The idea of Healthy, Brief, Fashion, Comfort, Leisure " accepted pervasively. "

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