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Sink dishwasher

X-SC2 (Ultrasonic)

For heavy oil and stir-fry of kitchen, Aotian sink dishwasher offers the ultimate in convenience and seamless design integration, and the perfect combination of sink and dishwasher shows the wisdom of life.

Intelligent technology

High quality

Humanized design


Model X-SC2
Style Ultrasonic
Product dimension 890×505×(dishwasher/sink)465 mm
Opening size 868×483 mm


High-tech ultrasonic style sink dishwasher

Purify fruits and vegetables, clean up agricultural residues

Safe and practical, taste original food flavor

Aotian ultrasonic style sink dishwasher

Quick washing, closer to health Strengthen the healthy washing of fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables can be placed in the right sink for cleaning; strong removal of agricultural residues, fruit and vegetable consumption is more secure

Aotian sink dishwasher cleans free of dead angle

The bowl tray is cleaner It has simple UI operation interface, and adopts one key operation mode press any key can directly realize the function selection and is easy to learn

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